“Khazana” is a brand that carries multiple meanings and products across different domains. The term “Khazana” is derived from the Urdu language, translating to “treasure” in English

In the realm of food products, Khazana offers a range of items. One of their offerings is the “Khazana Organic Tandoori Masala”, a smoky spice mix used for grilling meat and vegetables. This product is made from whole spices that are dry roasted, providing a rich flavor to your dishes. Another product under the Khazana brand is their line of Basmati Rice. They offer a premium range of Basmati Rice, including a special Diabetic Basmati Rice. These rice grains are 100% natural and are known for their fresh aroma when cooked

In essence, the “Khazana” brand embodies the concept of “treasure”, whether it’s in the form of flavorful food products or a space that treasures global art and community.

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